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Pioneering Property Development

At Liberty Re Gen Group, we’re more than just a property development company; we’re architects of the future, crafting spaces that inspire, connect, and endure. From the vibrant heart of the south east to the broader UK landscape, our mission is to transform visions into reality, creating environments that enhance communities and foster growth.


  • Planning & Land Purchasing: With a strategic focus on the south east, we navigate the complexities of land acquisition and planning, ensuring a solid foundation for every project.
  • New Builds, Conversions, & Refurbishments: Our portfolio is a testament to versatility, encompassing new constructions, innovative conversions, and meticulous refurbishments across all tenures.
  • Diverse Property Portfolio: We embrace the full spectrum of property development, including residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use projects, reflecting our commitment to diversity and excellence.
  • Professional Sales and Management: Our sales and management practices are defined by integrity and professionalism, with all operations conducted through fully regulated and accredited partners.

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